16 Portmasters for Peeman Transport

D-TEC was recently employed to supply 16 Portmasters to Peeman Transport. We built these Portmasters according to Peeman’s client-specific requirements. Director Jan Peeman says about his purchase: ‘We opted for D-TEC again, because we share a belief in continuous innovation based on a sound foundation. We have been dealing with D-TEC for years now and have experienced the evolution of their products up close and personal. And once you’ve already had over 100 D-TECs, you know what you are buying: a good and reliable product! This time round we opted for 16 Portmasters, because we consider the Flexitrailer to be too laborious for short trips. Especially since drivers are dealing with considerable fines in Rotterdam for driving with extended trailers, they will no longer risk a trip from one terminal to the other.

In addition, it involves a lot of sliding which is not what you want. We also requested D-TEC to mount the connection pieces for the swap bodies to the twistlock beam. Our drivers experience dragging the pieces around as heavy and time-consuming, plus this prevents a colleague from borrowing one for an extended period of time. Since our customers are asking us to load tanks more and more, we have opted to fit the chassis with a drip tray, hose hatch and storage chest in addition to the ADR approval. In short, a light and flexible product that will certainly serve us well for years to come!’