1st tipper prototype with aluminium body of 55 m³

At the end of January, D-TEC delivered its first prototype of the new tipper – a rigid tipper trailer with an aluminium body of 55 m3. We delivered it to Mineralen Recycling Ede B.V. The tipper has a low unladen weight of 6,250 kg, and the Combidoor allows it to be unloaded either through the doors or the hatch. This provides greater flexibility. ‘The new tipper is highly appropriate for the wishes in the market’, according to D-TEC director Gerrit van Vlastuin. Mineralen Recycling Ede will use this tipper primarily for the transportation of solid manure. The tipper is equipped for this purpose with a D-TEC weighing system and an AGR system. D-TEC also installed a central lubrication system for the hinge points of the tipping body and for the axles.

Light weight tipper 
The chassis of the tipper is made from steel and the body from aluminium, which creates a low unladen weight of approximately 6,250 kg. A low dead weight is an important element of D-TEC product development. The lighter a trailer, the more freight a client can transport, which increases profitability. No wonder that the D-TEC slogan is ‘lift up your profit!’ Director of Mineralen Recycling Ede Cees van Vlastuin adds: “the light weight of the tipper means that it is ideal for international transport”.

D-TEC Flexliner 
This new product places D-TEC in the market as Flexliner. The D-TEC tipper can be used for different markets and transport assignments, including sludge, grain, beets, recycled paper, etc. This all means that it can be deployed flexibly. Hence the name - Flexliner. 

Cooperation with the Bedum site (VB Trailerbouw) 
Next November, D-TEC will present the rigid tipper as a new product at the Agritechnica in Hannover. In the upcoming period we will utilise our maximum development capacity in order to be able to produce and sell the tippers serially. We will cooperate with our site in Bedum (VB Trailerbouw) to produce the tipper bodies. They have a great deal of experience with the production of tippers, and this will benefit us greatly. In Kesteren we will work mainly on the development and serial production of the tipper chassis and, naturally, on the production of the D-TEC container and tank trailers.