24 Flexitrailers for Cargo Terminal Gadering BV

D-TEC recently delivered 12 Flexitrailers to Cargo Terminal Gadering BV in Rotterdam. These are the first of a total of 24 container chassis. Managing director Ben Oosterhoud had the following to say about the purchase: ‘The enthusiasm of our drivers for D-TEC partly influenced our decision. Roadholding is important, but sustainability too as we want to be able to use the chassis for some time. We recently conducted some research into the fuel consumption of the lorries and trailers. Diesel is so expensive that we need to consider the weight of the trailers. The Flexitrailer is relatively light and therefore contributes to a lower annual fuel consumption. Furthermore, it is well-known for its high quality and strength.’

Cargo Terminal Gadering BV
is part of CTG Beheer BV, the parent company of both Cargo Terminal Gadering BV and CTG-Logistics BV. Cargo Terminal Gadering BV services include container transport and the loading and unloading of containers and trailers. The 24 Flexitrailers are needed to cope with the increase in the company’s activities. CTG-Logistics BV is specialised in groupage shipping within Europe. Click here for further information. 

Left: Ben Oosterhoud (Cargo) and at the right side Rick van der Gijze (D-TEC)