2nd prize for VDL Weweler and D-TEC at the Trailer Innovation awards

HANNOVER - Supplier VDL Weweler and trailer builder D-TEC won 2nd prize in the ‘Chassis’ category at the international Trailer Innovation awards with their innovative, revolutionary MBS OMEGA air suspension system . The prize will be officially presented on 23 September 2022 at the international IAA Transportation exhibition in Hannover.

VDL Weweler designed the award-winning system and also builds it. D-TEC was involved in the practical tests and wants to use these new air suspension systems on its trailers.



The lightest suspension system on the European market
The MBS OMEGA air suspension system houses a revolutionary “omega”-shaped spring steel trailing arm, making it possible to build an extremely light suspension system. Weighing approximately 100 kg per axle row, the MBS omega system is currently the lightest suspension system available on the European market. The suspension is standardized so that one type fits all types of chassis.

Lower CO2 emissions

D-TEC CEO Gerrit van Vlastuin is very pleased with the new system: ‘We’ve always had two types of spring systems, for 9 and 10-ton axles, in our trailer production. Thanks to the new MBS OMEGA air suspension system, we can use one system only, contributing to the further standardization of our production’. Moreover, the process for attaching the air spring system to the chassis rail is much simpler. Van Vlastuin thinks this also has several benefits for end users. ‘The chassis is much easier and faster to service, because you can access everything more easily and there are fewer parts to take into account.’ CO2 emissions are also reduced thanks to the low weight of the suspension system. This ties in well with D-TEC’s starting premise to produce trailers with a low deadweight. Our slogan ‘lift up your profit!’  is clearly based on real expectations.

D-TEC is currently testing the new suspension system on a steerable tank trailer with an axle load of 10 tins, the heaviest application the trailer builder has. The tests results are successful and we hope to roll this in out in our product development and production”, says Gerrit van Vlastuin. 


Launch at the IAA

A prototype of the new MBS OMEGA system will be on display at the international IAA exhibition, on the VDL Weweler stand (Hall 26, stand A14) and on the D-TEC stand (Hall 25, stand B27).