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Combitrailer S-Line CT-521


The Combitrailer is the height of efficiency in transport. D-TEC has analysed the logistics processes and discovered where profit can be generated: faster and more flexible loading and unloading. The Combitrailer® is a divisible trailer, designed especially for the transportation of 2 x 20 ft containers. When you divide the Combitrailer you can simultaneously load or unload two 20 foot containers at a loading dock. You can also transport 40 ft containers with the Combitrailer. 

With the new Combitrailer S-Line, D-TEC fulfils the customers’ wish to be able to drive with both the front and the rear section. The new Combitrailer S-Line consists of 2 trailers, both fitted with their own kingpin and licence number. D-TEC has also taken account of good axle load distribution for international traffic within the maximum loads of the countries. A typical feature of D-TEC trailers is the low dead weight. Using resilient, high tensile steel makes the chassis extremely strong.​

The advantages of a Combitrailer S-line

  • Extremely efficient due to the fact that you can drive separately with both the front and rear section
  • Simultaneous loading and unloading of two 20ft containers at loading and unloading docks  
  • Both axles on the front section provide maximum capacity to drive to another address with the front container
  • The use of lifting axles optimises weight distribution, also with unevenly loaded containers. This provides more safety and reduces the risk of overloading  
  • Low fuel consumption and low tyre wear due to the application of swivel axles.
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