D-TEC Agro Tank Trailer suitable for the road and field

KESTEREN - D-TEC has launched an Agro Tank Trailer that is suitable for both road transport and driving on the field. This is in keeping with the wishes of contractors and carriers who want to deliver the manure directly to a spreader or a container at the edge of a field. ‘With this Agro Tank Trailer, we are responding to the market demand for multifunctional use,’ explained Gerrit van Vlastuin, director at D-TEC.


Saving time

The D-TEC Agro Tank Trailer is as standard fitted with the D-TEC forced steering system. This steering system is fitted with 3 following axles to achieve the lowest possible ground pressure. The great advantage of this steering system is that it causes far less damage to the farmland and it also makes narrow farmyards more accessible. Optionally, the tank trailer is also available with an unloading arm, including remote control. This is an ideal solution for fast and efficient unloading in a container at the edge of a field. This saves a lot of time, especially on short journeys. Lift up your profit!


According to the customer specifications for Mart Munsters BV

The tank trailer is available with a tank capacity from 29.5 cubic metres. D-TEC has already delivered the first Agro Tank Trailer to Mart Munsters BV. Contractors and Earthworks, Van Vlastuin: We built this tank trailer according to customer specifications, and it includes features such as a 36 cubic metre tanker, a weighing system, a Börger positive displacement pump, a container unloading arm and a water tank for cleaning during loading and unloading. The customer, Mart Munsters, explained his ambitions with the new trailer: ‘This trailer will be used for short-distance work in the supply of self-propelled vehicles. We used to do this work with a 3-axle combination, but now we will use this Agro Tank Trailer and the Agro Truck. The great advantage over a normal tractor-trailer combination is that we can go anywhere with it. We can unload on the field, drive on unpaved (dirt) roads and on public roads.’



Tank trailers for manure, sludge and wastewater

D-TEC has been producing manure trailers for the Dutch market since 1987. Due to the limited space on Dutch farms, steered vehicles were used from the outset. Outside of the Netherlands, we also supply rigid trailers, the last axle of which is often steered by a trailing axle. The experience we have gained over many years has resulted in an extensive range of products, from small to large, from simple to the most complicated vacuum and pump tankers, which are used in manure, slaughterhouse waste, sludge, animal feed and wastewater. From the very first delivery, the focus is on a low deadweight, low maintenance costs, a high trade-in value and a high degree of continuity in the technical implementation. Van Vlastuin: ‘Due to the continuous step-by-step optimisation, we can say today that we have really reached the pinnacle of product quality and usability for our customers.’