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D-TEC basis tank trailer

This is our basic tank trailer. The power of this uncompromising trailer lies in its simplicity. During product development, 2 basic principles were prioritised: a low market price and low maintenance costs.

Customers can build the SV2011-20 in a modular manner. In this context, we offer our customers a comprehensive package of screw-connected options. The options can also be constructed at a later stage! This is ideal if tasks change, for example.

The screw-connected options are:

-hose channels;
-high and low Docking points;
-loading and unloading arms to shorten loading and unloading times (see video); 
-various lobe pumps with different filler hatch capacities on top;
-automatic cut-off;
-cleaning pipes and options for raising efficiency and making your working life easier

28 or 30 cubic metres
This tank trailer is supplied with a 28 or 30 cubic metre vat in steel or stainless steel. You may also opt for a lazy axle.

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