D-TEC develops a compact suction arm for manure tank trailers

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1. NEW! Compact suction boom
2. Simple suction boom
3. Manure tank trailer for Harms
4. Website for mineral registration
5. Servicing tank trailers
6. Trailers in stock


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NEW! Compact suction boom

Dear All,

D-TEC is working on the development of a compact suction boom. This suction boom has been developed especially for loading and unloading manure and biogas substrate from silos and containers. The huge advantage of this suction boom is its flexibility when accessing manure pits; it can reach any sites used as suction locations. In addition, radiographic control can be included, allowing the driver to fully load and unload without having to get out of his truck. If you are interested come along to the Agritechnica trade fair for more information. You will find D-TEC in Hall 16 at stand C18. Or contact our sales team: sales@d-tec.nl+31 (0)488 410 864.


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Simple suction boom
As well as the development of a compact suction boom, D-TEC is currently working on a simple suction boom. This concept also ensures shorter loading and unloading times. This boom has mainly been developed for loading/unloading at biogas factories that have sufficient space for defining a specific loading or unloading area. If you are interested, why not visit us at the Agritechnica trade fair, or contact our sales team at: sales@d-tec.nl, +31 (0)488 410 864.   opener2.jpg
Manure tank trailer for Harms
The German Harms transport company uses two steered D-TEC manure tank trailers and, since last summer, a third D-TEC tank trailer was added to the fleet, hired from Trucktat. The manure tank trailers are predominantly used in a radius of 30 km around Albersdorf, Germany. The Harms transport company mainly transports cattle and pig manure and biogas, but also beetroot and potato pulp. Mr Jörn Harms is extremely happy with the D-TEC trailer:
'Thanks to the forced steering of the trailer, we do not damage farm estates. The limited wear on the tyres also soon pays for itself. Furthermore, the drivers find the tank trailer easy and logical to operate.'
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Website for mineral registration

At the forthcoming Agritechnica trade fair, D-TEC will present a website for the registration of minerals. Various facts and methods can be registered, such as: recording the latest pit analysis for each pit, sampling from each load and the laboratory analysis. We would like to expand the tested sampling and analysis technology that is used in the Netherlands with NIR sensors. These sensors use infrared radiation which enables an immediate analysis to be performed, meaning a laboratory analysis is no longer required. The analysis technology using NIR sensors is currently still at an experimental stage. The huge advantage of this is that it is possible to immediately measure how many kilograms of nitrogen or phosphate is spread on a certain plot.



Servicing tank trailers

Soon the majority of tank trailers will be prepared for the forthcoming spreading season. A very important focal point in relation to maintenance work on the tank trailer is safety. Year after year accidents happen during maintenance work being performed on manure silos and manure tank trailers. The odourless gases (H2S) are often present in tank trailers and are very hazardous. But safety always comes first!
Therefore, if you have any questions relating to maintenance work on your tank trailer, please contact the D-TEC after-sales team on aftersales@d-tec.nl. Click here for a list of the tank trailer service points.



Trailers in stock

D-TEC has various trailers in stock. Various tank and container trailers can be supplied directly from stock. If interested please contact our sales department via sales@d-tec.nl, or phone +31 (0)488 410 864. Click here to view our current stocks.



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