D-TEC introduces Terminal Chassis for short distances

KESTEREN - This month D-TEC is introducing a new trailer type: The D-TEC Terminal Chassis.  D-TEC developed this robust, easy-to-operate and attractively priced chassis designed specifically for short distances around ports, container terminals and logistics centres, as well as for trips from ports to rail terminals. Several European transport companies in Europe have indicated to our dealers that there is a demand for such a chassis.

The Terminal Chassis is suitable for transporting 40 ft, 1x20 ft and 2x20 ft containers. Optionally, this new chassis can also handle 45 ft containers with an extendable connector plate at the front and an extendable bumper at the rear. 

Platform for unloading 20 ft containers
Gerrit van Vlastuin, director at D-TEC CEO: 'For the development of this chassis, we examined the needs of different customers. This showed that in some cases, customers who regularly transport 20 ft containers need to be able to also easily unload them themselves. We developed a platform for this purpose, which is suitable for unloading with a pallet truck. This allows the driver to easily unload the container independently. This is a great addition for this customer group, who can optionally choose this platform in combination with a 20 ft central position.