D-TEC launches innovative NIR technology

With the new NIR technology you will soon be able to predetermine how many kilograms of nitrogen or phosphate you wish to drop on a specific plot. This offers new opportunities for a great many agricultural contractors, growers or farmers! And that is why D-TEC is currently developing NIR technology that can be used with manure tank trailers, for both the long distance journeys and for the short distance service vehicles. 

Responding to customer’s wishes 
It is legally obligatory to measure the composition of the manure when you transport it to a different company. This new technology enables you to respond to customer’s wishes by executing analysis faster and with more precision. It is also possible to measure the manure composition on the manure spreader, which enables place-specific injections of the correct quantity of manure. Naturally, this is also an advantage for agricultural entrepreneurs.    

Near Infra-Red (NIR) test set-up 
In order to obtain accurate manure measurements it is necessary to fit the NIR sensor with a god calibration model. To construct this model effectively, a D-TEC customer (long distance vehicle) has been using a NIR test set-up for a year. The manure is measured by a near infra-red (NIR) sensor in the sampling tube of the tank trailer, whereby substance levels in the manure can be determined in real time.    

2nd test vehicle
The results of our first test set-up were good, and this prompted D-TEC to fit a second vehicle with a NIR test set-up in November. This is how we can accelerate the process of the creation of an effective calibration model.  

We will provide further information on this development in the forthcoming months.