D-TEC wins Trailer Innovation Award 2021

D-TEC has won second place in the European 'Trailer Innovation Awards competition 2021' in components category. The Dutch trailer manufacturer received this honour for its newly developed extendable side protection for the Flexitrailer.

'We came up with this extendable side protection to save time and provide more flexibility', explained Gerrit van Vlastuin, director of D-TEC. Our slogan ‘lift up your profit!’ is clearly based on real expectations. The side protection is available as an optional extra on the Flexitrailers.

Saving time
The Flexitrailer is a multifunctional container chassis that is extendable in the middle and at the rear. This makes the Flexitrailer suitable for transporting all sizes of ISO containers. The new extendible side protection is a truly perfect solution for carriers that drive many short distances around a terminal, as it is no longer necessary for them to retract the trailer when it is unloaded. When carriers opt for a standard side protection, they are legally obliged to retract the chassis when it is unladen. With this new option from D-TEC, it is no longer necessary to retract, because the side protection slides along and covers the side of the trailer. This means that the trailer complies with legislation for cyclists and pedestrians, even when the chassis is unladen. That saves time. And time is money. Lift up your profit!

Also for Longer Heavy Vehicles (LHV)
The award-winning innovation by D-TEC is also suitable for Dutch LHV combinations. Van Vlastuin: 'When it comes to LHV combinations, it is important that the side is fully covered, regardless of whether it is loaded or unloaded. The new extendable side protection meets these requirements.' This provides welcome flexibility, especially for carriers that have both Flexitrailers and LHV combinations in their fleet. They can now easily exchange trailers as required. The extendable side protection is also a nice addition to the potential future developments with regard to the Super EcoCombi.

Prototype well received
Van der Most Transport from Rotterdam has had a number of Flexitrailers with extendable side protections in its fleet for the past six months already. Mark van der Most provided the following feedback: 'Our drivers who make short trips around the terminal, in particular, drive with them. They have found that the trailers save a considerable amount of time! Moreover, the chassis is subject to less wear and tear, because we don't have to retract so often.'