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D-TEC Flexitrailer LS (S-line)
Flexitrailer 2
D-TEC Flexitrailer HD (S-line)
Flexitrailer Traction Winner Innovation Award 2013
D-TEC Flexitrailer Traction (S-line)

Flexitrailer LS

The Flexitrailer LS is a multifunctional chassis, using which you can transport all ISO containers: 20ft, 2x 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 45ft, 13,60m and all ISO high cube containers. This chassis can be slid out in the centre and at the rear. If fitted with a Flexilock (slip head), 45ft containers can be transported within the legal dimensions.

Flexitrailer HD

The Flexitrailer HD is developed for the transport of tank containers and swap bodies. Naturally, you can also transport all types of ISO containers, as with the Flexitrailer LS. This chassis has a robust design, which means that you can transport up to 34 tons of weight in the central position. 

Flexitrailer Traction

The Flexitrailer Traction has been specially developed for the transport of heavy 20ft containers that are at the rear of the chassis. The fifth wheel load is comparable with a heavy 20ft container in the central position, as in other multifunctional chassis. You can also transport 2x20ft, 30ft and 40ft. This container trailer can be slid out in the centre and at the rear and uses a sliding head bar that rolls over the gooseneck.

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