D-TEC has a story. A story that goes back to 1959. Jan van Vlastuin sets up a stove-making business in Maarsbergen. After a while, Van Vlastuin turns his hand to construction work. He develops and produces metal components based on customer specifications. The company invests in the development of new semi-finished products, such as for the car transporter in 1978. From that point on, Van Vlastuin starts to supply increasingly to the transport sector. The steady growth results in the need for more space and the company moves to Kesteren in the eighties. A few years later the first patented Combitrailers® are produced. An operating company is set up to market this unique transport solution: D-TEC.

Vlastuin Mest Applications (VMA) also has a story. After the death of his father and founder Jan van Vlastuin, son Gerrit carried on outside the Vlastuin Group and set up an engineering office. VMA was created on the basis of engineering activities for the agricultural university and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food. VMA was set up in 1997. It began with manual sampling. An enthusiasm for technology resulted in the development of a system for the automatic sampling of slurry, solid manure and tamper-proof packaging. From 2005 that has been combined with automatic electronic data registration (ADR).

After turbulent years for both VMA and the Vlastuin Group (www.vlastuin.nl), Gerrit van Vlastuin took over the Vlastuin Group from the family in 2006. For the near future this means that D-TEC and VMA will be integrated more and more in order to further strengthen sales and service in the market.

D-TEC is now a widely known name in the transport market for containers and solid and liquid products (manure). D-TECs innovative transport solutions are the result of many years experience, research and development. The development team is continuously working to devise and optimise designs. What applies for transport, also applies for us: to stand still is to go backwards. Thinking ahead gives you an edge!

VMA leads the market in sampling, data registration and liquid manure weighing transport equipment. VMA is the only party in the market that can offer a complete package from its own production. Combined with the excellent service, this means that VMA has been able to build up a strong leadership position in this market.

In 2010 D-TEC developed a new production line, the D-TEC sorting and demolition grab. As such D-TEC is represented in a different market segment; a conscious decision by D-TEC to be active in multiple market segments. D-TECs ambition is to market the sorting and demolition grab worldwide.

D-TEC focuses on offering the market solutions for their challenges in the specific sectors of container and tank transport, as well as in the building sector. Your return thus also continues to be our focus!

D-TEC: lift up your profit!