Kusters Transport opts for Combitrailer® on disc brake axles

D-TEC recently delivered 2 Combitrailers to Kusters Transport bvba in Lanaken (Belgium). Patrick Kusters (co-owner) on his purchase: ‘The recommendations from colleagues, rapid delivery time and the possibility to have our Combitrailers delivered with disc brake axles were the most important reasons for us to choose D-TEC. Jurgen van Rattigen’s (sales representative at D-TEC) smooth order handling means that we are now using the Combitrailers for daily transport from the Port of Antwerp to Germany.’ Kusters chose the Combitrailer to avoid empty mileage in the future. ‘The Combitrailer gives us the possibility to uncouple the front or rear section and deliver the container elsewhere in the meantime.’

Kusters Transport BvBa
Patrick and Ivo Kusters have been at the helm of Kusters Transport since 1986. Besides container transport, it also offers clients container storage. Kusters recently added 5000 m2 to the storage site, where it can handle approximately 60 containers per day. ‘With the purchase of these 2 Combitrailers we have a total of 20 container chassis and 5 trucks at our disposal. We execute maintenance and repairs in our own workshop.’