Lightweight feed tank-trailer for Vakutrans

Recently, D-TEC has started to supply a lightweight tank trailer to Vakutrans. We have developed this trailer especially for transporting animal feed (liquid feed). For unloading the cargo, D-TEC has equipped the tank trailer with a special rinsing system using 360 degrees spray ball and a 300-litre water tank. This allows you to easily loosen thick loads. Vakutrans already has various D-TEC tank trailers in its fleet for transporting manure. “It was important for us to also benefit from the advantages of the D-TEC steering system and the low net weight of the new feed trailer. The empty weight is now 7,000 kg,” according to Coen van Kuijck of Vakutrans.

To reduce maintenance, D-TEC does not use a pump with stainless steel parts that can wear. And the tank container is produced in stainless steel mirror plate in order to differentiate between the various markets that we service,” according to Coen van Kuijk of Vakutrans.