Maintenance and service of tank trailers

When you execute maintenance or service work on your tank trailer there are various issues to which you must devote attention. Moreover, an effective maintenance plan ensures that vehicle stoppage is limited. 


Naturally, the development of the manure tank trailer took account of safety. However, there will always be risks. It is therefore extremely important to read the safety instructions in the manual that you received when the tank trailer was delivered. 

One of the greatest risks is related to working in or on a tank trailer. Odourless gas (H2S) is present in a tank trailer in the majority of cases. This is really extremely dangerous and can even be deadly in sufficiently high concentrations. It causes a large number of accidents every year. Do not take any unnecessary risks and try to prevent accidents by stringently following the safety regulations.

Maintenance and inspection points

The same manual contains instructions for maintenance and inspection. Here are some important issues:

Tightening bolts
Spring U-bolts, shock absorber bolts and slewing ring bolts must be tightened very regularly. For example, after 500 km on a new trailer, or after 2 days. This inspection must be repeated regularly. Use the manual for further instructions.     

Before every journey
There are a number of items that must be inspected and tested, including: 
- Testing hydraulic valves, hoses, pipes and couplings,
- Visual inspection of air bellows for leakage,
- Checking the operation of air cylinders by means of the valve box. De-aeration closed then cylinders to 0 position,
- Checking vacuum valves and overpressure valve
- etc. 

In freezing temperatures
You must ensure that the vacuum valves do not freeze closed. The suction of a vacuum in tank vessels occurs every year in the winter. Ensure that the vacuum valves are sufficiently lubricated and that the driver has been instructed to pay attention to the air valve when unloading. 

Loaded tank trailer with a calibrated weighing system
On a loaded tanktrailer with a calibrated weighing system, always lower the first axle manually after weighing and before driving off, by using the red button. This can prevent cracking of the cone above the second axle. 

Do you have any questions regarding the maintenance of your tank trailer or have you lost the manual? Please contact our After sales department. It can be reached by e-mail: or telephone: + 31 (0) 488 - 740 030.