New D-TEC 20 ft tank container chassis

KESTEREN - Two years ago D-TEC introduced a new 20/30 ft tank container chassis. The introduction of a 20 ft tank container chassis by D-TEC in April will complete the programme. 

'With a deadweight from 2,950 kilograms, this is a good fit for the section of the transport market that uses 20ft tank containers and swap bodies. For this design, we also took a critical look at user comfort and at keeping maintenance costs low. Our slogan "Lift up your profit!" is based on real expectations', declared Gerrit van Vlastuin, Managing Director.

Lightweight chassis
A low dead weight is always an important priority for D-TEC in trailer development. This also applies to the product development of the 20ft chassis. Van Vlastuin: 'We have more than 25 years of experience in the production of lightweight and multifunctional container chassis, such as the well-known Flexitrailer that is in use throughout Europe. As a result of the application of high tensile steel, we are now also capable of producing a lightweight 20 ft tank container chassis.'

Ergonomics and user comfort
The rear of the trailer features unique staggered 'steps' to make it easy to climb up and check the tank. The open rear allows the driver to easily connect the hoses. This new chassis meets market expectations, where safety and ease of use are becoming ever more important.

Low maintenance costs
The robust design and easy handling are standout features of this new 20ft chassis. 'We mounted the rear lighting on a separate plate to prevent collision damage. Simplicity is paramount at D-TEC, both in terms of structure and operation. For this reason, the container chassis only contain limited service parts, which also reduces maintenance costs.'

For the European market 
For the design of this chassis, D-TEC also explicitly took into account its usefulness throughout Europe. This has resulted in an optimal weight distribution for the different countries of eight and nine tons per axle. 'Optionally, the last axle can be supplied as a steering axle in combination with disc brake axles, which is in high demand in some European countries', concluded Van Vlastuin.