New updated D-TEC Portmaster

In January 2018, we supplied the first Portmaster in the latest design. Our vision is Lift up your profit! and that is why we are continually seeking opportunities to optimise our products. In this context, on the basis of customer feedback, we have implemented various cost optimisations for the Portmaster. One of these important changes is the application of the flip-over console, so that filler blocks are no longer required. The 20’ central position is also included, as standard, in the updated Portmaster

The following is an overview of the most important changes in the basic design of the Portmaster:

  • Innovative D-TEC flip-over console, so that filler blocks are no longer necessary (click here for more information); 
  • 20’ central position is included as standard
  • Twistlock front is updated and can be dismantled, if required a Flexilock can also be installed (for 45’ containers)
  • Installing the rear lights more concealed into the chassis, reducing the risk of damage;
  • Dense side-protection for placing your advertisement on it;
  • Weight-saving, which combined with BPW axles can run up to 70 kg; 
  • Block-shaped lamps with LED lighting. 



In addition, D-TEC also offers a number of new options, including:

  • Using bearing rollers in order to slide the rear part smoothly;  
  • Brake system from Wabco or Knorr; 
  • Genset Genmark
  • BPW disc brake axle.