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Tank Trailer SV2011-21-4 (40,5 m3)


D-TEC has designed a tank trailer with 4 axles for the Danish market. The Danish government has decided to permit seven 8 ton axles on public roads – a total of 56 tons of legal weight. This offers the possibility to add some extra cargo, especially in the case of tanker truck transportation. D-TEC has seized this opportunity in collaboration with the Danish company FP Production ApS.

Specialist of suctions arms
FP Production ApS is the specialist in the production of suction arms and has been a supplier for D-TEC for many years. In Denmark, these suction arms are used for short loading and unloading times from high silos. D-TEC and FP Production have used each other’s knowledge and developed this new tank trailer. This Danish model has a loading capacity of 40 cubic metres and a loading-unloading time of 2.5 minutes. Both the tank and the chassis are constructed completely from stainless steel. Moreover, the tank trailer has a completely modular construction with a single basic model. D-TEC can use this model to serve various markets, such as bio-gas, manure transportation or industrial waste. More information about the suctions arms of FP, see website