The new D-TEC tank trailer can be loaded and unloaded from the truck

KESTEREN - D-TEC, the tank trailer manufacturer, will introduce a new type of tank trailer for transporting digestate, manure or waste at the Agritechnica agricultural machinery trade fair in November. Reachliner is a new tank trailer that is designed to maximise transport efficiency through a low deadweight and optimal operator-friendliness, delivered by a proven steering system and suction boom. An innovative aspect of the Reachliner is a total concept with a steered lightweight tank trailer (including suction boom) tailored to the driver's needs. As such, it can be rotated 250 degrees and operated entirely from the truck by remote control.

With Reachliner one can load from an underground well, from an above-ground intake point, or from above-ground storage. Naturally, a separate suction hose can always be connected at the rear if loading is being undertaken by the driver in places where the suction boom cannot be used effectively. Until recently, these suction booms were heavy and not integrated into a good overall solution. D-TEC's new innovation allows drivers to operate these arms from inside the truck while loading and unloading, which eliminates the need to get out and lift. This increases their job satisfaction and commitment - and indirectly also improves their efficiency.

Quick reverse manoeuvring   

'The steering system also allows you to manoeuvre into tight corners quickly and efficiently in reverse with this vehicle, without requiring extreme experience. This also greatly reduces loading and unloading time. Incidentally, this steering system also significantly reduces soil damage on farms and reduces tyre wear,' says Gerrit van Vlastuin, D-TEC CEO.

Total concept

'Reachliner is all about the total concept, in other words, a transport solution for digestate, manure or waste, with which we try to achieve maximum efficiency. For D-TEC, maximum efficiency involves the lightest possible vehicle, so you can have maximum loading capacity and use fuel efficiently. Efficiency is also achieved by reducing the loading and unloading times.

Introduction at Agritechnica

Reachliner will be on show for the first time at the Agritechnica from 12 to 18 November in Hanover at the D-TEC stand in hall 23, stand number A47.