Vlastuin Group takes over VB Trailerbouw

KESTEREN/BEDUM - On Thursday 12th April Vlastuin Group from Kesteren took over VB Trailerbouw from Bedum. The latter company produces the quality brands Vogelzang and Bulthuis. (www.vbtrailerbouw.nl) By means of this takeover, Vlastuin Group wants to further develop its position as a trailer manufacturer.

Vlastuin Group is the parent company of D-TEC tank- en containertrailers. D-TEC has recently also added tippers to its product range, and Vlastuin Group wants to cooperate intensively in this area with its new colleagues in Bedum. “It also fits in well with the expansion of our service and sales network in the Northern Netherlands,” says Vlastuin Group director Gerrit van Vlastuin.

The takeover of VB Trailerbouw in Bedum is a strategic choice of Vlastuin Group. “We have expanded quite a lot in Kesteren over the past few years to deal with the growth. But even in spite of this it remains a challenge for us to manufacture the new product group of tippers in Kesteren.” VB Trailerbouw’s knowledge and experience of tipper production will therefore be very useful to Vlastuin Group. For the time being, the plan is that the production of tipping bodies will take place in Bedum. In Kesteren, Vlastuin Group will focus mainly on the serial production of the tipper chassis, and of course the production of container and tank trailers. Van Vlastuin: “We've put a lot of effort into the expansion of our European network over the past few years. The takeover of VB Trailerbouw will enable us to further expand our product range for this European network in the years to come.

Customers of VB Trailerbouw
The current customers of VB Trailerbouw will be offered a broader product range. “Innovation is one of our strengths, and in the coming period VB Trailerbouw wants to invest in the innovation of both production and products. We expect that, as a result, we will be able to serve our current customer base even better in the future. Our challenge is to help our customers earn more by using our products: lift up your profit! We will extend this approach to the customers of the Vogelzang and Bulthuis brands.” 

Nijhof-Wassink Groep
Until recently, VB Trailerbouw was part of Nijhof-Wassink Groep. This family business includes the logistics service provider Nijhof-Wassink, a specialist in bulk transport and warehousing chemical and animal feed products. Volvo Trucks and Renault Bedrijfswagen dealer Nijwa Groep are also part of Nijhof-Wassink Groep. “We took over VB Trailerbouw in 2012, and are extremely proud that our people in Bedum have made VB Trailerbouw into a profitable business with excellent prospects for the future. With Vlastuin Group as the new owner, VB Trailerbouw can continue to grow. This has been a strategic choice, as having sufficient scale was important for the further development of VB Trailerbouw. Given the core business of Nijhof-Wassink Groep, we decided not to do this ourselves, but to sell the company to Vlastuin Group. The takeover of VB Trailerbouw by Vlastuin Group means we have found a party that has trailer production in its genes. This is a welcome addition for both parties,” says Albert Hendrikse, member of the management board of Nijhof-Wassink Groep.

Left: Gerrit van Vlastuin van Vlastuin Group,  right: Gert-Jan Meijerink van Nijhof-Wassink