Vogelzang roller crane trailers now with load restraint up to 35 tonnes

BEDUM/KESTEREN - Vogelzang rolling crane trailers are now available with the EN 12642 Code XL certificate for load restraint. This eliminates the need to secure cargo up to 35 tonnes with straps. This saves the drivers time, and it is convenient for the drivers.

The certificate is available as an optional extra for Vogelzang rolling crane trailers with load floor lengths of 12.85 metres and 13.15 metres, and side boards of 1 metre or 1.20 metres high. 'This option allows customers to use our 3- and 4-axle roller crane trailers even more efficiently and safely,' declared Gerrit van Vlastuin, managing director. 'Moreover, we decided to have the bulkhead certified separately for up to 35 tonnes payload and provide it as a new standard with both the rolling crane and road plates flatbed trailer.'


Additional load restraint devices are no longer needed
Vogelzang enhanced the strength of the superstructure to secure the goods to be transported on the loading floor without additional load restraint measures. When the trailer is loaded form-fitting, the trailer uses the superstructure to restrain the load. This means that during the trip, the superstructure (bulkhead, plates, stanchions and crane) absorbs the dynamic forces that occur, which eliminates the need for additional load restraint devices. Physical tests were carried out on the bulkhead, side boards, Kinnegrip stanchions and a mobile crane under the watchful eye of TÜV NORD. Afterwards, TÜV NORD gave its approval for certification.

More than 150 years
The recent certification is another milestone in the more than 150-year history of the Vogelzang trailer brand. During this time, Vogelzang has made a name for itself with its highly manoeuvrable and robust trailers. In 2023, Vlastuin Bedum produces Vogelzang trailers as part of the Vlastuin Group, which is the parent company of trailer brands D-TEC and Bulthuis.