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D-TEC Flexliner Steel

The D-TEC Flexliner Steel is a tipper that can be used to transport products for the recycling market.

The D-TEC Flexliner Steel features a body made from HARDOX® steel. The application of this highly wear-resistant steel and the highly profiled side walls ensure that the tipper is extremely suitable for heavy-duty use, including transportation of scrap metal.

The D-TEC Flexliner Steel has a robust steel chassis with a unique strut concept. This tipper has a low centre of gravity and the chassis has a high torsional rigidity which enhances safety and stability. The application of high-strength steel in the chassis gives the D-TEC Flexliner a low deadweight. The lighter the trailer, the more cargo a customer can ultimately carry, which ultimately generates extra income. The D-TEC slogan ‘lift up your profit!’ is clearly based on real expectations.

The quality of the D-TEC Flexliner is guaranteed through a well-considered design, in which simplicity, robustness and low maintenance costs are key. The standardised production processes with strict quality requirements ensure that the D-TEC tippers retain their value for a long time.

Advantages of the Flexliner Steel

  • Very low deadweight from 7,400 kg (body 57 m³);
  • Robust steel chassis;
  • Body made of the highly wear-resistant HARDOX® steel;
  • The body is conical in shape to allow for faster unloading;
  • Low centre of gravity for greater stability;
  • Optimal weight distribution for the different markets throughout Europe.

D-TEC: Lift up your profit!