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Tipper Trailers

D-TEC Flexliner Steel
D-TEC Flexliner Alu

A unique design that combines safety, stability and low deadweight is characteristic of the D-TEC tippers.

Strong and safe
The tippers have a low centre of gravity and the chassis has a high torsional rigidity which enhances safety and stability.

Low deadweight
The tippers have a robust steel chassis with a unique strut concept. The tipper deadweight is low due to the application of high-strength steel in the chassis. The lighter the trailer, the more cargo a customer can ultimately carry, which ultimately generates extra income. The D-TEC slogan ‘lift up your profit!’ is clearly based on real expectations.

Optimal weight distribution
D-TEC tippers are extremely suitable for transportation throughout Europe. The various body versions (with straight or inclined bulkhead) and the design of the chassis ensure optimum weight distribution. This allows customers to always be able to transport the maximum permissible weight. Ideal for transportation within Europe.

Quality and durability
The quality of the D-TEC tippers is guaranteed through a well-considered design, in which simplicity, robustness and low maintenance costs are key. The standardised production processes with strict quality requirements ensure that the D-TEC tippers retain their value for a long time.